Argonaut Drysuit FAQs

Frequent questions about the Argonaut Drysuit range.

What’s the difference between the Flex, Stealth and Stealth Hybrid suits?
The Flex material is made up of three substantial layers – two layers of very durable Polyester fabric with a rubber membrane in the middle.

The Stealth fabric is also made of three layers – two layers of lightweight Nylon with a rubber membrane in the middle. The Stealth has more inherent stretch and movement than the Flex, and is lighter in weight, making it ideal for travelling divers.

The Stealth Hybrid suit uses both Flex fabric (lower half of suit) and Stealth fabric (upper half of suit). The Stealth Hybrid offers divers the best of both worlds with a durable Flex lower half, which has a small amount flexibility in the fabric and a tough, lightweight Stealth upper half, as well as being an appealing two-colour design. The approximate weight of the Flex material is 450g/m2 and the Stealth is 395g/m2.
What are the advantages/disadvantages of the wrist seal options?
Latex seals are the most common drysuit seals as they are very durable and generally inexpensive to repair or replace, however some people can find them uncomfortable or may have a Latex allergy. Neoprene seals are considered by many divers to be more comfortable and more durable but they can stretch with use. They are also not suitable for those with a neoprene allergy. Si-Tech seals appeal to divers who require quick and easy seal changes. However the systems makes the wrist and neck apertures slightly wider and therefore are not suited to everyone.
Which drysuit boot is best for me?
The Standard dry-boot is the more rigid of the two dry-boot options, well suited for shore-entry dives. The Tech dry-boot has less vulcanised rubber, making it lighter-weight and more flexible. This is particularly suited to technical divers doing more complex finning.
What undersuit(s) should I wear with my Argonaut?
This depends on the sort of diving you will be doing. Our undersuits cover all sorts of diving from tropical waters to sub-zero climates. The Argonaut drysuit is sized to allow the wearer to wear a Halo 3D undersuit with a baselayer such as the J2 or Drybase.

IMPORTANT: If you are planning on wearing significantly more or less than this, please let us know so we can take your layers in to consideration.
What are the types of order status?
Order received - We have received your order and are just making a few final checks to make sure we have all the information we need before your suit goes in to production.

Deposit Requested - We will require a deposit before we send you the BIOMAP footplate and kit. This is 25% of the overall cost of your suit as specified.

BIOMAP footplate sent - We have received your deposit and the BIOMAP footplate is on its way to you. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions once you receive the footplate.

In production - Your suit is being made! This step takes the longest, so please be patient. Each suit is cut, sewn and constructed to order, so sit tight, it’s under way.

Quality Control - This is where we carefully check over each and every suit to ensure it meets our high standards. Components are checked thoroughly and various goodies are added.

Completed QC, awaiting dispatch - This means that your suit has completed our QC checks and is ready to be sent out. Please contact your local dive shop / selected Argonaut dealer to arrange delivery of your suit – we will send your Argonaut to that dive shop.

Awaiting Final Payment - Your suit is ready to be sent. We now require the remaining payment for your suit (if not already received) before we can send you your new Argonaut drysuit.

Dispatched - Your Argonaut is on its way to your dealer/dive shop! You can expect to hear from them very soon.

Cancelled - This means that your order has been stopped and will not be produced. If you think this is an error or a mistake, please contact us as soon as possible, quoting your DS-WEB reference number. Further Action Required - We need some more information before we can proceed. It might be that we need new BIOMAP photos, or want to double check your height. In this instance, you should contact your dive shop for more information.
What are the 6 types of returns order status?
Returns request placed - We have received your returns request. We aim to respond to you with within 3 working days. Please wait to hear from us – we’ll be in touch to advise the next step.

Returns request accepted - We have reviewed your returns request and will contact you shortly to tell you where to send the drysuit, and what we’ll do to get your suit fixed.

Return Received - We’ve received your Argonaut return – this is for your piece of mind and assurance your suit hasn’t got lost on its way to us.

Suit sent for repair - You suit is currently undergoing repair works. Wherever possible we will provide you with as much information as possible regarding your drysuit return, such as where the repair works are taking place and how long it will be.

Suit back from repair - Your suit is back with fourth element. We visually inspect every return to ensure the repair works are up to scratch. We’ll be in contact with you to arrange getting the suit back to you, at a time most suitable for you.

Dispatched - Your repaired suit is on its way back to you. Wherever possible we will provide you with tracking information.
How should I best take care of my Argonaut drysuit?
The drysuit should be washed in clean, cold water after each dive. Mud and dirt can be cleaned off using a non-abrasive sponge and gentle soap and hung to air dry. It is best to keep the suit out of direct sunlight whenever possible. The zip should also be carefully cleaned after each dive to ensure there is no sand or dirt that could get trapped in the teeth. Zip lube should be applied at least every 5 dives to keep the zip running smoothly. Never put your suit in the washing machine.

Important: If you have used the Argonaut drysuit in a swimming pool or exposed it to chlorine it is vital that the YKK Aquaseal zip and surrounding area is cleaned thoroughly after use. Please take care to ensure all parts of the zip are well rinsed, as any chlorine residue may degrade the zip. It is good practice to take extra time and care to clean the drysuit after any exposure to chlorine.

For more information you can download the Argonaut handbook here.
Warranty information
Our Argonaut drysuits come with a ‘limited lifetime warranty’ on the fabric and seams. This means that should the fabric or seams fail, and is considered a manufacturing/quality issue, we will repair it at no charge. However, if the suit appears to have been ill-treated or not cared for properly, this would not count. We treat every issue on a case-by-case basis, and take in to account the suits age, how many dives it has done, and how well it has been looked after.

The boots, valves and YKK Aquaseal zipper have 12 months warranty and the seals (latex, neoprene and silicone) have six months warranty.

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