Repairs & Returns

Argonaut Drysuits

Should your Argonaut develop a fault or leak, we’ll do our best to fix it for you as quickly as we can.

Each Argonaut is supplied with four minor repair patches which can easily be applied at home, please refer to the Argonaut Handbook for instructions.

For cases where the suit requires more major repairs or leak investigation you should return your Argonaut to the dealer/dive shop where you originally purchased your suit. They will need to complete an online returns request on your behalf, so will need to know what the problem is, as well as the serial number of the suit (this can be found under the waistband at the back of the suit, or inside the right-hand pocket).

Fourth Element will then liaise with the dealer/dive shop to discuss the best method of repair. On most occasions the suit will need to be returned to fourth element. Depending on the circumstances the suit will either be repaired in-house or sent to an approved repair centre. In certain situations the suit may need to be returned to the factory (based in Europe). The dealer/dive shop should hold on to the suit until we advise where the suit should be sent – please do not send your drysuit to us before we have processed the online returns order request.

Naturally, repair lead times will vary. Please allow 2-4 weeks as standard. We will liaise with your dealer and keep you up-to-date on your suits progress via the online returns system. All suits are returned to fourth element for repair inspection before being returned to you or your dealer.

Please check the warranty information on our FAQ section to determine what is, and what is not, covered under warranty, as well as a description of the various stages of the online returns order process.


Our online drysuit returns/repair system makes the process of returning your suit for repair work easy.

If you are not able to return your suit to the dealer/dive shop where you purchased it, please follow the link below to fill out the online returns form manually. We will liaise with you directly and advise what to do next. Please do not send us your drysuit until we have responded to your request.

Online Returns Form

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